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Shaker Sewing Stand

Materials: cherry, pine

Finish: Minwax Antique Oil

Construction Details

Rough turning the pedestal.

Roughing down quartersawn pine for the drawer sides.

Gang turning drawer knobs. They were then cut apart and mounted in a chuck to round over the faces.

Ripping stock for the drawer fronts. The saw is much further from my knee than it appears.

Using a shooting board to trim the drawer sides to width.

This 100 year old Stanley #45 worked great for grooving the drawer stock.

Sawing pins on a drawer front. I had some trouble seeing the knife lines so I put down painter's tape, laid the tail board over it, and knifed around it for a better visual. And yes, that is an original Independence Tool dovetail saw.

Drawer components ready for glue up.

I dovetailed the ends of the legs and fitted them into the pedestal before cutting them to final shape.

Legs after cutting them to final shape with a turning saw.

Sawing a dovetail socket in the pedestal. I should have done this prior to applying finish (bad decision) but it all worked out.

I used spokeshaves to do the final shaping of the legs.

Using a moving fillister plane to rabbet one of the cleats that mount under the top and hold the drawers.

I attached the cleats using slotted screws as they are period appropriate, but only after a soak in vinegar to remove the modern zinc coating.

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