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About Me

I retired at the end of 2020 after a career spanning almost fifty years. I mostly worked for manufacturing-related companies, doing everything from running operations to designing, programming, implementing, or solutioning ERP/MES systems. While the work was satisfying, it required lots of hours and substantial travel. As a result, I spent much more time thinking and planning than actual woodworking. Now life is all about less stress, more enjoyment, and (hopefully) lots of finished projects.

My interest in period methods is based less on a romantic notion about "the good old days" and more for the challenge, peacefulness, and satisfaction of making by hand. The fact there is minimal risk of removing an appendage with a hand saw or chisel is a bonus (table saws are just plain scary). I do not expect to ever become a master woodworker but strive to at least be a passable one.

Feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

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