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"It may be truthfully said that the practice of joinery is attended by absolutely no bad effects on either mind or body; and the value of manual training cannot well be overrated."


From Amateur Joinery in the Home by George and Berthold Audsley, 1916

Welcome to the little corner of the web where I share the results of my quest to learn the art and mystery of traditional woodcraft, along with some bits of historic lore. There are no power tools here, no shortcuts, no paint-by-number schemes. Working in a modest shop, using a combination of antique and contemporary hand tools, I make furniture and woodenware in the manner practiced prior to the advent of electrical devices for the home workshop. 

I'm best described as a perpetual student of the craft, hopefully improving over time. And while hand work has enjoyed a resurgence over the last couple decades, practitioners continue to be in the minority, so learning can be a challenge. I wish to express my thanks to those who have shared their knowledge, particularly my fellow members of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers  and the historic trades folks at Colonial Williamsburg, whose annual Working Wood in the 18th Century symposiums provide access to some of the best period woodworkers around.

Thanks for stopping by. Pull up a chair, have some lemonade, and consider the joy of working wood by hand.

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